Compact & Square
Work Platforms


The Compact Aluminum Work Platform is the perfect tool for giving you a boost for odd jobs around your workshop. With a platform height of 0.5m, this work platform is a convenient and practical aid that folds flat for easy storage, and will easily fit in the boot of any car. Suitable for professional use.

Technical Specifications

Material Aluminium Alloy
Max Load Capacity 150 Kg
Max Height 1 m
Max Width 50 cm
Max Length 1.5 m
Max Steps Distance 30 cm
Step Width 7.8 cm Anti slippery type
Side Rail 7.7 cm wide U-channel
Safety Bushes Anti slippery & Durable
Platform Anti slip plywood/ Aluminium Chequre Plate
Duty Rating Type 1
Standard BS EN 131 :2015

Product Specifications

SL No. Product Code No. of Steps (+) Platform Total Height (m) Working Height (m) Width (m) Length (m)
1 ECOWP1 0+1 0.3 2.3 0.4 1.0
2 ECOWP2 1+1 0.6 2.6 0.45 1.25
3 ECOWP3 2+1 1 3.0 0.45 1.35