Aluminium Mobile Tower


With few components and without the use of tools to erect the tower, it provides a secure and safe platform to work on heights. With a base-folding frame, it can be quickly and easily assembled for working safely on heights.

Product Specifications

Platform Height Range 1m to 6m
Width 0.80m
Length 2.0m

Technical Specifications

Max. Safe platform loading capacity 200 kgs per platform
Max. Safe tower loading capacity 600 kgs
Max. Working height 6m indoor/6m outdoor
Length of the towers 1.5m / 2.0m
Width 0.80m
Castors (mm) 152.4 / 203.2 mm
Castors with adjustable stem (height leveling) Available
Base plate instead of castor Optional
Platform Base Anti-slip
Aluminium toeboard Optional
Stabilizer size 2 /3.0 / 4.5 / 6m
Load Class 2
Aluminium rung profile Ribbed
Aluminium alloy grade 6063
Load test/certification Type load tested and certified by - TUV-SUD Middle East
Aluminium pipe thickness 51.4(od)mm x 2.3(thk)mm
"Work at Height" directive Fully Compliant
Standard BS EN 1004:2004