Mobile Tower

Knowing Your Aluminium Mobile Tower

Mobile Aluminium tower are light weight scaffolding towers which are constructed with heavy duty Aluminium extruded tubes on lockable wheels. They have a working platform which has a lockable opening for easy access to the platform. These are manufactured as per international codes and standards to ensure the safety of the user, when used with the provided instruction manual. Aluminium scaffolds have number of advantages over the traditional steel scaffoldings. While you can have all the benefits of a traditional steel scaffold tower, the Aluminium scaffold towers are lightweight and are easier to use.

Aluminium scaffold towers are easy to set up and move. These scaffold towers are also available with wide base stabilizing bars and platform units. The Aluminium scaffold towers can be packed down flat, they are easy to store. Though the Aluminium scaffold towers are light, they are not less durable than the steel scaffold towers, provided handled carefully and maintained. The Aluminium towers are durable enough to withstand the stresses that steel scaffoldings can take according to the types and designs.